World Neolithic Congress, Sanliurfa, Turkey (4-8 November 2024)

I plan to attend and present a paper at the World Neolithic Congress, due to be held in Sanliurfa, Turkey, from 4-8 November 2024.

The 2024 World Neolithic Congress aims to bring together discussion of diverse Neolithic formations that took place across different geographical locations in different time-frames following diverse cultural and socio-economic trajectories. The Congress will provide a platform for comparing increasing Neolithic social complexity in different parts of the world.

The emergence of Neolithic cultures has been one of the most critical turning points in human history laying the foundations for our present global impact and population size, and playing a significant role in the evolution of human society over the past 12,000 years.

The Congress intends to challenge conventional theories and terminologies on the emergence and the development of productive and newly adapted ways of living.

Focus will be on sedentary lifeways, impacts on nature, the built environment , social hierarchies, the cognitive frameworks for ever-shifting norms, ontological approaches, symbols, identities, beliefs, cult practices, sanctuaries, artworks, cognition, innovation , technologies, languages, craft specialization, resilience, demographic pressure, climatic fluctuations, defining the impact of environmental settings; the use and implications of natural and bioscience research, particularly genetic, isotopic, residues, radiocarbon dating, physical anthropology, geoarchaeology, and also the most recent archaeological results from primary and secondary core areas of Neolithic formations.

The Congress aims to foster new ways of looking and thinking about Neolithic phenomena on both local and global scales.

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