Ancient Camelids in the Old World – Between Arabia and Europe


The latest issue of the journal Anthropozoologica, Volume 49 – issue 2, dated December 2014 (Print ISSN: 0761-3032 – Online ISSN: 2107-0881), is devoted to the publication of a session held at the 11th ICAZ conference, entitled “Ancient Camelids in the Old World – Between Arabia and Europe“. The scientific editors of this volume are Marjan Mashkour and Mark Beech. The following chapters appear in the volume:

Jean-Denis Vigne, Christine Lefevre & Marylène Patou-Mathis
pg (s) 162-162

Foreword by the Scientific Editor Ancient Camelids in the Old WorldBetween Arabia and Europe
 No Access
Marjan Mashkour & Mark Beech
pg(s) 165–166

The Camel Today: Assets and Potentials No Access
Bernard Faye
pg(s) 167–176

Camels, donkeys and caravan trade: an emerging context from Barāqish, ancient Yathill (Wadi al-Jawf, Yemen) No Access
Francesco G. Fedele
pg (s) 177-194

Camels in Saudi oasis during the last two millennia; the examples of Dûmat al-Jandal (Al-Jawf Province) and al-Yamâma (Riyadh Province) No Access
Hervé Monchot
pg (s) 195-206

The camel remains from site HD-6 (Ra’s al-Hadd, Sultanate of Oman): An opportunity for a critical review of dromedary findings in Eastern Arabia
Antonio Curci, Michela Carletti and Maurizio Tosi
pg (s) 207-22 No Access

The history of the camel bone dating project
 No Access
Caroline Grigson
pg(s) 225–235

Caravans, camel wrestling and cowrie shells: towards a social zooarchaeology of camel hybridization in anatolia and adjacent regions No Access
Canan Cakirlar and Rémi Berthon 
pg (s) 237-252.

Camels in Romania No Access
Adrian Bălăşescu
pg(s) 253–264

Recent camel finds from Hungary No Access
Laszlo Daróczi-cutting, Martha Daróczi-Szabo, Esther Sophia Smith, Andrea Kőrösi and Beata Tugya
pg (s) 265-280

Camels from Roman imperial sites in Serbia
 No Access
Sonja Vukovic-Bogdanovic and Svetlana Blazic
pg (s) 281-295

Camels in the front line No Access
László Bartosiewicz
pg (s) 297-302