New article published in Ethnozootechnie

Ethnozootechnie no.106 2019

A new article has just been published by the Society for Ethnozootechnics about our work on the Baynunah camel site.

This was a paper presented at a conference organised by the Society of Ethnozootechnie, held at the Institut du Monde Arabe, in Paris, on the 6th June 2019, organised by Bernard Denis and Jean-Pierre Digard.

The paper has now been published in Volume 106 of their journal, Ethnozootechnie. Here are the details:

Beech, M.J., M. Mashkour and T. O’Connor. 2019. Chasse néolithique de dromadaires dans la péninsule Arabique. Nouvelles recherches archéologiques aux Émirats Arabes Unis sur le “Baynunah camel site”. Ethnozootechnie 106: 13-19.

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