New book published – Sands of Time: Ancient Life in the Late Miocene of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Today we published our new book on the Late Miocene fossils of Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra region. This represents work carried out over more than 10 years and special thanks go to my co-editors Fysaal BeebeeBrian Kraatz and the late Andrew Hill. Thanks also go to all the authors contributing to this volume (including Ray BernorMarilyn FoxIlaria MazziniJohannes MüllerBill SandersJohn Stewart and many others).

Faysal Bibi, Brian Kraatz, Mark Jonathan Beech and Andrew Hill (editors.). 2022. Sands of Time: Ancient Life in the Late Miocene of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Springer – Vertebrate Palaeobiology and Palaeanthropology Series (series editors Eric Sargis and Eric Delson). Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

358 pages
ISBN-10: 303083882X

ISBN-13: 978-3030838829


This monograph presents the results of over 10 years of paleontological and geological survey in the Baynunah Formation of the United Arab Emirates. Exposed widely in western Abu Dhabi Emirate, the Baynunah Formation and its fossils provide the only record of terrestrial environments and evolution in the Arabian Peninsula during the late Miocene epoch (12-5 Ma).

This volume describes new fossils collected since 2002, presented systematically by taxon, and including mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates, as well as fossil trackways. The discoveries are framed within the results of new geological, geochemical, and geochrononological analyses, providing an updated and synthetic view of the age, environments, and biogeographic relationships of this important fossil assemblage.