New publication on Coastal Prehistory in SW Arabia and the Farasan Islands


Read about my analysis of the fish bones from archaeological sites excavated during the 2008 field season in the Farasan Islands in this new publication edited by Abdullah M. Alsharekh and Geoffrey N. Bailey. The details are as follows:

Alsharekh, A.M., Bailey, G.N., Momber, G., Moran, L.J., Sinclair, A., Williams, M.G.W., Al Shaikh N., Al Ma’Mary, A., Alghamdi, S., Al Zahrani, A., Aqeeli, A., Laurie, E.M. and Beech, M. 2014. Report on the 2008 fieldwork of the joint Saudi-UK Southern Red Sea Project.  pp. 77–158. In: A.M. Alsharekh and G.N. Bailey (eds) Coastal Prehistory in Southwest Arabia and the Farasan Islands 2004–2009 Field Investigations,  Riyadh: Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.  Series of Archaeological Refereed Studies No 15. King Abdullah Project for Cultural Heritage Care. ISBN 978-603-8136-01-0.