New article published about Marawah pot

A new article has just been published together with Sophie Mery, Jim  Blackman and Kevin Lidour. This is about the remarkable Ubaid pot which was discovered at the MR11 site on Marawah Island. This forms Chapter 17 within a new book dedicated to Christine Kempinski, published by Archaeopress.

Méry, S., M.J.Blackman, M.J. Beech & K. Lidour. 2016. 5500 av. notre ère: le vase de Marawah MR11 et l’Obeid du Golfe. Chapter 17, Pages 155-174, in: B. Perello and A. Tenu (eds.), Parcours d’Orient: Receuil de textes offert à Christine Kepinski. Archaeopress Publishing Ltd, Oxford. [ please contact me by email if you wish to have a copy of the pdf – please visit Archaeopress if you want to purchase a copy of the book ].